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Burlington Ruby Conference July 28-29

#BTV #VT – Vermont’s emerging web application development community will gather at Main Street Landing in Burlington to hear from top developers across North America, including engineers from Twitter and several leading dev. shops. All are welcome. Register today: http://bit.ly/BURUCO

Front Porch Forum, Main Street Landing, Engine Yard, Intridea, and Agilion Apps are sponsors.

Borrow bowling ball? You bet

#VT – From a Front Porch Forum member at Fort Ethan Allen…

6:53 PM FPF posting
Does anyone have a bowling ball I can borrow? It need not be in good shape, as I won’t use it for bowling…I just need to practice lifting a heavy spherical object enough that I can do it easily.  I’m happy to pay a stipend for it, or if your trying to get rid of one forever I’ll make sure it has a good home.  Thanks…and yes I’ll tell you more about how I’m using it if you care!

7:51PM response in my mail box
If you open the mudroom door to my place and look to the left behind the door, you will see a rake and some other implements leaning on some shelving. On the left side of the top shelf is a pink dishpan. In the pink dishpan is a Brunswick bowling ball, which you are welcome to borrow.  Could you just please close the door tight after you, email me to let me know you’ve taken it, and also email me to let me know when you’ve returned it?

New Haven and Barre City each launch Front Porch Forum

#VT – The Town New Haven and the City of Barre each just launched their own Front Porch Forums.

Please share the news with people you know in Barre and New Haven and send them to FrontPorchForum.com to sign up for this free service.

Front Porch Forum is now available in more than 75 Vermont towns (and one each in New York and New Hampshire!).

Do tech start-ups belong in Vermont?

#BTV #VT – Sometimes we get this question from out-of-state folks who think all tech start-ups should be born in Silicon Valley.  Well, Burlington and Vermont have been great to Front Porch Forum.

And we’re not alone.  CNN today reported that the Kauffman Index ranks Vermont the 8th most entrepreneurial state, and the top state east of the Mississippi River.  And Richard Florida’s latest research puts Burlington 11th on a new Technology Index of U.S. metro areas.

I’ll take it one step finer… from state, to city, to neighborhood.  Our Five Sisters neighborhood in Burlington’s South End boasts several tech start-ups, including

Thanks to Fresh Tracks Capital and Vermont Business Magazine for some of this information.