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Finding lost treasure(s) on FPF

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With the help of neighbors, Front Porch Forum members are reunited with treasured items and pets.

We found Clem, our parrot, this morning from FPF postings and people looking out for her. Because people could contact us, we found her within 20 minutes of her moving to a different location. She flew down from treetops to telephone wire to my shoulder and we brought her back home. We are grateful for FPF and to all the people in our community who helped track her, talk to her and contact us!”  • Michelle in Montpelier

FPF is awesome! Within hours of posting my lost Yaktrax, I got a call from a neighbor who found both missing pairs, and another call from a neighbor offering me the ones she never uses! Thanks folks!”  • Deb in Brookline

Thank you. Whoever you are. In a moment of disheveled mania (dogs to emergency vet), i needed gas. During that transaction, and juggling vet calls, i dropped my debit card. And someone just returned it. Just like that. So simple and yet so meaningful. I can’t thank you enough. You have a piece of my heart… and sanity. ❤️” • Coco in Johnson

“I am glad the goat found his way home. Thanks for the narrative of the plight of Mr. Henkles as well as those who posted after finding a wandering goat. I actually anticipated the next FPF to follow the mystery/goat thriller.”
• Jeremy in Fayston

“I just recovered my glasses courtesy of a thoughtful neighbor who saw the listing and made the effort to respond. Many thanks to the two other folks who responded in a helpful manner, as well as to Front Porch Forum that makes this sort of thing possible.” • Peter in East Montpelier

Soup anyone?

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Look to your neighborhood FPF and post to find out where the next Soup Supper is!  Or follow the signs….

Cultivating community through marshmallows

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Front Porch Forum members expressed such creativity with our simple contest!  Here are a few more:

“Thanks for all the egg carton drop offs. We should be all set for awhile, but will post again when we run low. The response from neighbors makes my heart turn to marshmallow.” • Susan at Starksboro’s Food Shelf

“Hello, I’ve had a neurological condition that affects my ability to move and use my hands for a long time. I recently also had a spinal cord injury that I’m still in the process of recovering and rehabbing from. I was wondering if anyone knows of a support group locally for people dealing with these issues. The logistical and emotional issues surrounding this are so exhausting that I just want to sink into a large puffy marshmallow sometimes, so any emotional or psychological support groups would be really helpful.”  • Nicholas in Guilford

MARSHMALLOWS here, MARSHMALLOWS there; where e’re my eyes would land.
Reading Front Porch Forum has never seemed too bland.
FPF connected me to one I used to know.
She spoke of kiddos planting MARSHMALLOWS in the snow.

Thank you Front Porch Forum. This has been great fun!  • Wanda in Morrisville

“I live in an apartment with a wonderful pellet stove. Little did I realize that it would be so hard to get the pellets to the stove! Is there anyone out there with a truck, a strong back, and a willingness to help me out? Actually a few people would be great. The 50 40 lb bags of pellets need to be carried across the yard and up the stairs. All who help are welcome to hot chocolate with marshmallows and homemade cookies after. We can sit around the fire in the pellet stove and enjoy each others company.” • Victoria in Brattleboro

“Mom was done with her assisted living apartment (by way of moving into a Pearly Gates community) and we needed to clean out her refrigerator along with everything else. There was a little of this and a little of that, often repackaged, as was her way. But not the bag of Mini-Marshmallows. Nope, they were still sealed up. I like a fresh, soft marshmallow as much as the next guy. It’s just that, well, these were more like the hard mints you grab on the way out of a restaurant. Lethal weapons as ammo in a blowgun. Even a gecko wouldn’t have been able to toast them. Ma, I’m going to miss you and all those little idiosyncrasies that were so entertaining.” Ron in Alburgh

“If you have any spare marshmallows, please let me know. Seriously, what’s more fun than getting to know your neighbors, through community events, bartering, lending a helping hand, from your actual front porch or, more easily in winter weather, on Front Porch Forum?”  • Thomas in Windsor


The Posting Flurry is over. It is no s’more.

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We received over a thousand “marshmallow” posts from Front Porch Forum members for our January Posting Flurry.  Thanks to those who entered, and to all who enjoyed this bit of fun. Entries received before 1 pm on January 10 were entered in the “Flurry”. Please DO keep posting to your local FPF as the spirit moves but the contest is done at this point.

This year’s winning entry from our random drawing is

“Anyone have a working telescope that’s just collecting dust? I’m not gazing at the stars, but would like to see the beautiful surrounding mountains better. I have tripods, just need the telescope. Willing to pay reasonable price or make payment in marshmallows.”   • Jeff in Waitsfield

Congratulations Jeff! In addition to his clever post, we received some other noteworthy posts shared here:

“What did the Hershey’s bar, the marshmallow, and the graham cracker use to communicate? S’mores Code.”  • Walter in Johnson

“See the pretty moon tonight? Enveloped in the clouds it looks like a marshmallow creation! Lovely.”
• Sandy in Burlington

Seeking Places to Marshmallow
As I sit here sipping my hot cocoa drink
Marshmallows melting as I sit here and think
We just moved back to VT from North Carolina
Told my kids, theres no better place or snow that’s finer
But now I think I’m regretting this remark
The cold has been makin’ my mood dark
So if anyone knows some warm things to do
For keeping my kids from also getting blue
Drop it here that’s what FPF is for
I’m looking forward to exploring town some more.
    • Jasmine in Barre

“Did you hear about the marshmallow man who drowned in a vat of rice crispies? He is no s’more.” • JD in Barre

“Fascinated to see an ermine in the corner of our yard- like a marshmallow whipping by in the wind, it was swift!  I’m curious to know if they are more common in this region than I think?”   • Christine in Georgia

Lost Marshmallow
Last seen heading heading north on Rt 110.
Answers to Sugar.
Maybe wearing chocolate and carrying graham crackers.
If found eat immediately     • Phillip in Chelsea

FPF’s Posting Flurry Returns!

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Participate in Front Porch Forum’s simple contest and you could win a $350 gift certificate!

Now through 1 PM, Friday, Jan. 10, FPF members can enter by submitting a posting on a topic of choice (“desk for sale,” “seeking plumber,” “ode to the cold”… it’s up to you!).  Include the contest word “marshmallow” anywhere in the posting and be automatically entered. We’ll draw a winner for a $350 gift certificate to a local business of the winner’s choice this Friday, Jan. 10. That’s it!

So, if you’ve been meaning to post a question, concern, announcement, offer, observation, advice, etc… do it now and you might win!  

I mean, what would you do with $350?  Buy 5+ gallons of maple syrup? Pay your heating bill?  Get a new iPad or snowshoes? Or 12,000 marshmallows (approximately).  The options are endless, if you think about it!


  • Any FPF member can enter by submitting a posting that includes the word “marshmallow” to their local FPF before 1 PM on Jan. 10, 2020.
  • This “Flurry” aims to encourage actual postings in the spirit of our mission, “to help neighbors connect and build community.”  Please curb the impulse to post nonsense messages. 
  • Limit one entry per day per member account.
  • The winner of the drawing will receive a $350 gift certificate to a local business of their choice.

To submit your posting log into (or create) your account on the FPF website, OR via FPF’s new mobile app ““ available from the  Apple® and Google Play® app stores.  Go to “Compose Posting,” enter your message, and then “Submit Posting.”