Monthly Archives: February 2016

Moving a sofa bed across North Hero home

“Stephen and Mark responded to my request for help moving a large and heavy sofa bed. It was very much appreciated… and Front Porch Forum certainly provided the connection.”
• John, North Hero FPF

Vermont radon program reaches annual goal in just two weeks by using FPF

Typically, the Vermont Health Dept. devotes a lot of staff time and resources to meeting its goal of distributing 2,000 radon test kits per year. Following its recent Front Porch Forum posting, the Health Dept’s Radon Program received more than 2,100 radon test kit requests in just two weeks.

The effectiveness of this outreach will allow the State to focus on other important initiatives to protect Vermonters from the health risks posed by radon.

The State estimates that for every 2,000 radon test kits distributed, there will be approximately 10 fewer cases of radon-related lung cancer as people identify and fix radon problems in their homes.

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Grandmom seeking pediatric nebulizer in Middlebury

“After a hasty trip to the ER our visiting grandson has been diagnosed with croup – very scary! MD recommends having a pediatric nebulizer on hand in the event he has another ‘event.’ Hopefully it will not be needed and the “tribe” leaves on Friday. I don’t believe this is akin to borrowing someone’s toothbrush and am hoping there is one available and not in use.”
• Peg, Middlebury FPF

“How GREAT is Front Porch Forum and how GREAT is this community!!  So many generous responses to my request to borrow a nebulizer… I hope they were not all the result of a similar baby crisis and if so that the crisis is long past. My resourceful daughter rented a nebulizer from the Medicine Chest… something I never even knew was possible. How many things a grandmom does not know. Mom, Dad and Babe are now sleeping soundly as I type after much to much excitement last night. Thank You ALL!”
• Peg, Middlebury FPF, the next day

Old House Journal focus on Five Sisters