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Pet care in Barre… FPF to the rescue

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“A few weeks ago I decided to post a little ad regarding pet care. I have received what I consider an overwhelming response to that posting. THANK YOU Front Porch Forum for putting me in contact with some wonderful people in the area and their pets. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting my neighbors and caring for their ‘families’!”
• Cheryl, Barre FPF

Grateful daughter lands biker dad mobility scooter from generous Charlotte neighbors

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“Hello Friends – We on the hunt for a used scooter for my 86 year old dad, who still fancies himself a biker. His current used one just bit the dust. I’m also searching Craig’s List, but please let me know if you have one you’d like to part with and for how much. Thanks!”
• Melanie, Charlotte FPF

“Front Porch Forum comes through! I received several generous offers in response to my query for a mobility scooter for my biker Dad. He’s now all set and couldn’t be happier. Thank you Sue!”
• Melanie, Charlotte FPF

UFO and Catamount sightings in St. Johnsbury?

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Two interesting hot topics lately on the Saint Johnsbury Area Front Porch Forum… sightings of unidentified flying objects and possible catamounts.  Here’s a sample…

“Last week, I believe it was Wednesday night, quite late, about 10, I was sitting on the back porch, overlooking the Passumpsic River. Clear night, I looked up in the sky and saw something way up there, large and distinctly bright red, traveling very fast (I believe from the NW) in the sky. I mean much faster that a satellite or a plane–it seemed lower than a satellite, but higher than most jets at 35,000 feet–again, guessing here, very subjective. I ran and got my wife, who came right out…she was quite surprised. Then it seemed to get bigger and took on a triangular shape, and wobbled like a frisbee ready to fall out of the sky. Then it took off, straight up, and it was gone. Distinctly red. Anyone else see this?”
• Paul, St. Johnsbury FPF

“Around dusk, I saw what appeared to be a mountain lion run across the road in front of my car. It was about the size of a grey hound…kind of lanky. It had a distinct cat head and ears. It was short haired and a long thin cat tail. It appeared grey in color, but could have been because it was dusk. Could it be a mountain lion? It crossed the Peacham-Danville Road traveling from east to west and entered to woods just north of Currier Road. It was way too big to be a domesticated cat and yet it looked like a cat.”
• Laura, St. Johnsbury FPF

Jaw-dropping neighborliness in Vermont

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“Thank you ever so much for creating Front Porch Forum. It is an awesome link within our community. We are fortunate that you have made this available to us all here in Vermont. I often tell others from different States about FPF, and the usual reaction is that their jaw drops, their eyes begin to sparkle and their mouths open to utter ‘wish we had that in our area… what a fabulous idea.’ So again THANK YOU.”
• Carole Castleton FPF