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How to get your event on the family calendar

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Thanks to local bookstore owner superstar Josie Leavitt for her recent Publishers Weekly blog posting.  In part…

… the family calendar is king. If an event makes it on the family calendar, then it’s very calendarlikely folks will actually come and not just think about going. The family calendar runs the lives of everyone I know…

In less than two hours last night we had upwards of 12 people RSVP for an event with parenting expert Vicki Hoefle. We did not run an ad, nor did we do a radio spot. In fact, we spent no money at all. All we did was write up a modified press release for the event and post it on our local Front Porch Forum

Read the full piece here.  And check out The Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, VT.

Precious photos lost on old-school floppy disk?

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Follow-up posting from Steve yesterday on the East Montpelier FPF…

I want to thank all of you who sent me emails with offers of help in regards to getting access to my floppy disk that had some pictures on it that I wanted. I am all set. I have retrieved the pictures thanks to a neighbor that had the correct equipment.

And thanks to the Front Porch Forum for all of the people it reaches out to in the area.

Carpet shampooer is the new cup of sugar in Berlin

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Posted to the Berlin FPF by Peg yesterday…

I asked my neighbors for a carpet cleaner and had one an hour later! Thank you Linda!!!!! And thanks to the folks who created Front Porch Forum! It’s a tool our community really needs!

Vermont Writers’ Prize goes to “Neighbors”

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From VTDigger today

Mike Minchin is the winner of the 2015 Vermont Writers’ Prize. His story “Neighbors” tells the story of two neighbors of very different backgrounds and how they connect during a power outage. The Vermont Writers’ prize is awarded by Green Mountain Power and Vermont Magazine.

Mr. Minchin said he was inspired to write this story because neighbors helping neighbors is what makes Vermont so special. “I’ve had a lot of good neighbors in Vermont ““ one helped tow my car out, another sanded my driveway in an ice-storm. We don’t always know our neighbors, but when life becomes difficult it can bring people together, and our differences even out a little bit. I was inspired during Hurricane Irene when neighbors across Vermont helped each other out”…