Monthly Archives: June 2012

Santa smacks roof in Richmond

#VT – Some folks use their Front Porch Forum to ask neighbors for roofer recommendations… straight forward stuff.  Others, like Tracy in Richmond today, have more fun with it…

Holey leak spot Batman, I thought it was Hurricane Irene but forensic evidence indicates that Santa Claus (more on that later) landed a little too hard on our roof. There are two clear hoof prints that have messed up a couple of our shingles and we have need a roof maven to come over and give us some service. In fact I was sitting in the throne room just the other day and had an epiphany. Actually it was something wet dripping out of the ceiling. What a paradox. The world was upside down for a minute. Oh well. If anybody does light roof work give my wife a call. She is in charge of the physical plant. 802.318.3467. Or horse back riding lessons. But i digress.

Ask neighbors for farmers’ market finds

#BTV #VT – Folks in Vermont use Front Porch Forum is lots of ways.  Here’s one from today’s FPF in Burlington’s Old North End by a local newspaper reporter…

Dear neighbors: I’ll be sampling breakfast, lunch and snacks at the Burlington Farmers Market this Saturday… Would love recommendations from ONE East about which temptations I shouldn’t miss, which prices are most reasonable. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Wayward pups miles from home

#VT – Some postings tug at the heartstrings.  This one sure did yesterday from Alice…

MISSING Two Golden Retriever/yellow lab mix puppies, eight weeks old on Perry Hill Road in Waterbury.

So… great relief to read this follow-up just now…

Puppies were found several miles away by a hiker this AM.  However a person driving by read the notice in Front Porch Forum and was able to give him my number.  I picked them up this afternoon, hungry, but very much alive and healthy.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  I LOVE Front Porch Forum!!