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Bigfoot sighting reported in Morrisville

“I saw Bigfoot up on the Silver Ridge Road and had the chance to see him eating. It looks like Bigfoot is strictly a vegetarian which is good news for the two cows on the loose up around that way.”
• Peter, Morrisville Front Porch Forum

Vermonters listen to neighbors’ business recommendations

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.18.49 AM“I visited Deepa’s Beauty Salon after reading a recommendation on Front Porch Forum. Thanks for the review. I also found it to be very clean, have professional staff, good prices, and great services. Thanks.”
• Luba, Winooski FPF

Here’s the original post recommending this local business…

“Today my out of town friend took our daughters to Deepa’s Beauty Salon for manicures. They had an excellent experience–great customer service and quality of work. The atmosphere was clean, professional, yet also homey and inviting. My friend took off her very valuable (both financially and emotionally) wedding rings for the manicure and then left them there. Several hours later, she realized her mistake.  The salon owners met us after hours on a Saturday night and very cheerfully opened up the salon and returned the rings. We are so grateful for their integrity, honesty, and friendliness. It’s businesses like these that bring pride to Winooski. I encourage you to support this wonderful locally owned business!”
• Arica, Winooski FPF

Hyde Park cows missing for two weeks… now in Morrisville?

“We are missing three red & one black Devon cows. They were last seen on Center Rd. in Hyde Park. Please contact Applecheek Farm – 802-888-4482 – if you see these cows. Thank You!”
• Judy, Hyde Park FPF, Oct. 30, 2015

“We are still missing two cows – one red and one black Devon. Last seen – one near Silver Ridge Rd and one near Frazier Rd. – both in Morrisville. Thanks to Front Porch Forum and helpful neighbors, we have been able to capture the rest of the cows. If you spot either of these cows, please call Applecheek Farm at 802-888-4482. Thanks to everyone for their support.”
• Judy, Hyde Park FPF, Nov. 9, 2015

Housing problem solved… for goldfish

“Thanks to FPF and a kind recipient, my two 4-inch Calico Koi-type Goldfish are moving from a 2-bedroom to a Mansion!!!”
• Carolyn, Middlebury Front Porch Forum

Vermont libraries use FPF to connect with community

“The Friends of the Castleton Free Library are grateful to our members. We are also happy to… support Front Porch Forum. Thank you FPF for giving our community a valuable and worthwhile way to communicate with each other.”
• Liz, Castleton Hubbardton FPF