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We have a winner!

Barbara in Danville has won a new iPad for using FPF’s “Invite Neighbors” feature as part of our recent push for new members. She was randomly selected from those members who successfully invited their friends, family and neighbors to join the conversation on Front Porch Forum over this past week.

Congrats to Barbara and thanks to all of our FPF members who participated in our contest.

Interested in learning more ways you can stir up interest in your FPF? Learn more here:

Invite People You Know to Join FPF… Win an iPad!

People join Front Porch Forum when they hear about it from someone they know. Spread the word to your Vermont and Washington County, NY contacts now through mid-day Friday, and you could win a new iPad!

Use FPF’s “Invite Neighbors” feature to invite as many people as you like (FPF is available in every town and neighborhood in Vermont, as well as in Cambridge, Jackson, White Creek and Argyle, NY). You’ll be entered into the raffle one time for each person you invite this way who actually signs up for a new FPF account by Groundhog Day, Feb. 2.

Invite more people to increase your odds of winning a new iPad! Try people from any walk of life… work, school, community, church, family, friends, social media, clubs and more. If your local FPF is already loaded with active members, think about people you know in other parts of Vermont and upstate NY who would be interested.

People tend to love their local FPF… so share FPF and give the gift of community. Thanks much!


Any current FPF member may enter by using the “Invite Neighbor” feature starting Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, and ending noon ET, Friday, Feb. 2, 2018. Every new member that registers by the deadline due to your “Invite Neighbor” invitation will enter you one time in the iPad random drawing. Multiple entries per person are encouraged.

To enter:

  1. Go to https://FrontPorchForum.com and click LOGIN (if not already logged in)
  2. Click MY ACCOUNT
  3. Click INVITE FRIENDS TODAY under “Pitch In”
  4. Enter one legitimate email address of a person you know in each row.
  5. Click ADD ANOTHER if you want to enter more than three email addresses. (Don’t worry if you’re not sure whether your friend is already an FPF member… our system will NOT send invitations to email addresses already used by FPF accounts.)
  6. Click SEND INVITE to finish.

The winner of the random drawing will be presented with a gift certificate to Small Dog Electronics with sufficient funds to purchase a new iPad 9.7-inch 32GB Wi-Fi.

We will verify that the iPad winner adhered to the letter and the spirit of this contest (so please play nice!). It’s all about spreading the word about Front Porch Forum to more local folks — helping neighbors connect and build community.

Other ways to stir up interest in your FPF are located here: https://frontporchforum.com/about-us/pitch-in

The January Posting Flurry is OVER… and the Lucky Winner is…

Front Porch Forum members submitted hundreds of clever entries into FPF‘s January Posting Flurry, all wearing their earmuffs! Thanks to those who entered, and to all who enjoyed this bit of fun. Entries received before 1 pm on January 12 were entered in the random drawing. Please DO keep posting to your local FPF as the spirit moves… but the contest is done at this point.

Without further ado, the winning entry of this year’s random drawing for an iPad is…
“Hello all neighboring beekeepers! Just wondering how everyone’s bee hives have been fairing through this cold spell?  Anyone thought of designing some sort of miniature bee earmuffs for the poor creatures? Hive a good day.” • Sarah in Tinmouth

Kudos, Sarah! In addition to her clever post, we received some other noteworthy posts shared here:

“Thank you to everyone who has helped us as my husband Jim recovers from a shattered wrist. Small tasks such as bundling up to go out in the frigid temps over the last 2 weeks can be daunting. An old pair of earmuffs have been invaluable as they are easy on and off so we would also like to posthumously thank Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine who invented the thermal earmuff in 1873, at the age of 15 reportedly coming up with the idea while ice skating. Chester was awarded patent #188,292 on March 13, 1877 for his design and provided jobs making earmuffs for people in the Farmington, Maine area, for nearly 60 years. Yet another clever New Englander!” • Sherri in Passumpsic

“Anyone have an unwanted simple record player? I am up to my earmuffs in good LPs and have nothing to play them with.” • Manfried in Newport

“Just a note to say that I so appreciate our community and the opportunity we have to connect and support each other through FPF. I gave up social media (except for FPF) after the election last year because I was appalled by the way I got sucked into a negative headspace during that time of such horrible mudslinging from all sides. (ALL sides!) I feel much lighter now – not that I am advocating everyone giving up social media, it definitely has its plus side. I am so happy that I have FPF as a way to witness my community and help out when I can. And ask for help as well! Thank you all and don’t forget to wear your earmuffs!”
• Lava in Randolph

“Redford is a Bloodhound who searches for lost pets, but when it’s so supercold out, I can’t let him go on a trail because he doesn’t have any earmuffs to keep his superlong ears from getting frostbitten.”
• Lisa in Albany

“I would like to shout out a huge Thank you to all those that helped with hats, coats, mittens and earmuffs this season to keep our neighbors warm!” • Jan in Johnson

“A huge shout-out to the Shelburne road crew during the recent snows and frigid temperatures! Living at the end of a cul-de-sac, the side of our driveway (understandably so) gets the big pile of snow from the street. This year, in particular, the drivers have done a terrific job keeping our driveway cleared more than usual. Thank you, Shelburne Road crew!! (I hope the trucks are cozy warm, so you don’t have to wear earmuffs!)”
• Patty in Shelburne

“I took my earmuffs off today
In honor of the sun;
I leashed my dog, without delay,
And frolicked just for fun.
My nose still froze and dripped with chill,
But oh the pleasure and the thrill!
It’s warm, I told my freezing toes –
Enjoy before that North wind blows!” • Martha in Middlebury

Warm Up with FPF’s January Posting Flurry… and Win an iPad!

Brrrr… It’s been cold! And we’re looking to heat things up a bit on Front Porch Forum. So, we’re running a simple contest through 1 PM, Friday, Jan. 12, 2018. Submit a posting on a topic of your choosing (“desk for sale,” “seeking plumber,” “ode to the cold”… you choose) and include the contest word “earmuffs” anywhere in your posting and you will be automatically entered. We’ll randomly draw a winner this Friday, Jan. 12. That’s it!

So, if you’ve been meaning to post a question, concern, announcement, offer, observation, advice, etc… do it now and you might win a new iPad!

1. Any current FPF member may enter by submitting a posting to their local FPF before 1 PM on Jan. 12, 2018. The posting must include the word “earmuffs.”
2. To be entered in the contest, postings should reflect a genuine effort to communicate, in the spirit of our mission “to help neighbors connect and build community.” The idea of the contest is to encourage legitimate postings, so please curb the impulse to post nonsense messages.
3. Limit one entry per day per member account.
4. The winner of the random drawing will be presented with a gift certificate to Small Dog Electronics with sufficient funds to purchase a new iPad 9.7-inch 32GB Wi-Fi.

To submit your posting:
Go to https://frontporchforum.com and click “Login”, then click “Compose Posting,” enter your message, and click “Submit Posting.”


7 Words for 2015 — Enter FPF’s Annual Raffle Today!

It’s time for our annual New Year word play and free prize drawing!

Submit your posting to Front Porch Forum before midnight Wednesday, January 7, 2015 consisting of exactly seven (7) words and you’ll be entered into a free drawing* to win one of these great prizes:

Thanks to the local Vermont businesses listed above who donated these wonderful prizes.

Now get creative and POST AN ENTRY!

  • To post to your FPF, go to FrontPorchForum.com and click LOGIN (if not already logged in).
  • If you’re already logged in, click MY ACCOUNT.
  • Then click COMPOSE POSTING.

*FPF welcomes up to two entries per day per person. Post about whatever tickles your fancy. Click on the links at right for loads of great samples from years past.

UPDATE:  The winners of our random prize drawing…

One $50 gift certificate to Small Dog Electronics
Dan in Athens
“Why isn’t everyone using Front Porch Forum?”

One Tower of Treasures from Lake Champlain Chocolates
Stephen in Dorset
“If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?”

Four passes to the Pump House Indoor Waterpark at Jay Peak
Diane in Wells River
“Who will be governor? There’s a raffle!”

Gift cards redeemable at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops
Robert in Middlebury
“Lost spouses. New-found love. At 80.”

Everyday Apothecary Box Sets from Urban Moonshine Bitters and Tonics
Phyll in West Windsor
“Shhhh, be like Dad and keep Mum!”

Two one-day lift tickets for Bolton Valley
John in Benson
“Fly away loon. Open water leaving soon.”

One “Year of Free Bread” card (one loaf/month) from Great Harvest Bread
Melissa in Charlotte
“Great posts – not fences – make great neighbors.”

$50 gift card to Higher Ground
Nancy in Worcester
“Ancestral farm beckoned us home, blessings abound.”

Pair of tickets to Grease Sing-A-Long-A at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
Tom and Linda in East Montpelier
“East Montpelier coyote teaches goldendoodle to howl.”

One-month family membership to The Edge
Marsha in Montgomery
“Is there more light? Wait a fortnight!”

One $50 gift certificate to Jivana Holistic Spa
Elizabeth in Winooski
“FPF, 7DVT and vtdigger.org keep me informed.”


13 Words for 2013 FPF Raffle!

#BTV #VT – Enter the 13 Words for 2013 FPF Raffle and win a $100 prize!  Enter before noon Jan. 10… just submit a posting to your Front Porch Forum that contains EXACTLY 13 words and you’ll be in the running for one of these great prizes…

• One Bash Badge for Smugglers’ Notch Resort
• Two lift tickets for Mad River Glen
• Two lift tickets for Bolton Valley
• One overnight room at The Essex Resort & Spa
• $100 gift certificate to Leunig’s Bistro & Lounge
• $100 gift certificate to Bluebird Barbecue
• One-month family membership to The Edge

I’ll post some of the entries here later… see submissions from past years here.  Happy posting!

UPDATE:  The 13 Words for 2013 Raffle is CLOSED.  Here are the lucky winners of the drawing…

One Bash Badge for Smugglers’ Notch Resort
Jyles Yates, Berlin FPF
• Five below, a hot cup of cocoa, Husband’s outside, I think he’s loco.

Two lift tickets for Mad River Glen
Jane Agran, Richmond FPF
• I am living where I am now because of awesome Front Porch Forum!

Two lift tickets for Bolton Valley
Charlie Magill, Williston FPF
• My father’s advice: Find ways to enjoy the things you have to do.

One overnight room at The Essex Resort & Spa
Cheryl Gosselin, West Rutland FPF
• To those who ordered through FPF 2012, daughter’s troop disbanded, no cookies, sorry!

$100 gift certificate to Leunig’s Bistro & Lounge
Adriane Paige, Isle La Motte FPF
• Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened

$100 gift certificate to Bluebird Barbecue
Mark Benton, New Haven FPF
• My wife and I are quitting smoking after thirty years. Wish us luck.

One-month family membership to The Edge
Greg Goyette, South Burlington FPF
• “DADDY! Look at my snowfort… WOOHOOOOO!!!” A routine driveway shoveling suddenly became unforgettable.

Here are some of the 1,300 entries… good stuff:

• Every day in January has more light than the last one. Thank God.

• My husband, my friend, our love will not end. I love you Steve!

• Let’s all rally around Vicky and Horace who lost their home to fire!

• If we could have had our Grandaughter first we wouldn’t have had kids.

• People who live in glass houses ought to get dressed in the basement.

• If one reads FPF long enough one hears all sides of a story!

• Nothing can replace, Front Porch Forum, It sets the pace, For eliminating boredom.

• Too many blonds in the family to keep track. Thankfully neighbors can count.

• Be the first in your neighborhood to help keep Burlington Telecom Local – www.KeepBTlocal.com

• Does anyone know the legal load limit for Grove Street? I am curious.

• Step outside what´s familar. Walk, listen, learn, be there. No expectations. Return refreshed.

• I love Front Porch Forum and do not even have a front porch.

• Dalai Lama asks in pizza shop, can you make me one with everything?

• Why do penguins swim in salt water? Because pepper water makes them sneeze!

• Heat makes things expand. I’m not overweight, I’m just a little too warm.

• All year, $13 FPF donation for each desired result. Wanted: re-home two guineapigs.

• I love the five sister’s neighborhood. My friends are here. We climb trees. Lia (age 8)

• Vintage wedding dress: 1953, once white, now rich ivory, satiny, lace, lovely– $100.

• Everyone i know is having babies, i better learn to hold them soon.

• Neighbors helping neighbors, now that’s a motto we can all feel good about!

• Why not put an ice rink in the Oakledge Park? Skating is fun!

• Two years into perfect carpool met on Front Porch Forum. With gratitude, Helen

• thanks to the gentlemen who pushed my car over the snow on winooski!

• Headline: Toddler sets downhill speed record at Bolton. Anyone have a used harness?

• Thanks Front Porch Forum for bringing our community together, and for the raffle!

• Thanks to Front Porch Forum for another community strengthening and fun facilitating year!

• A decade living here, 2013 is time to get more involved. Hello neighbors!

• Wonderful way to exercise, socialize, relax, think, see how your neighborhood is doing.

• Questions, concerns and community awareness, what’s not to love about Front Porch Forum?

• There is no way I could limit my FPF accolades to thirteen words!

• Looking for a wild ride? Night sledding down Philo is quite a rush.

• Have you ever noticed there are thirteen letters in the words, “thirteen words?!”

• Why aren’t elephants allowed at Shelburne Beach? They can’t keep their trunks up!

• I asked Freja to write something for this raffle but she said “No!”.

• My hope for you, my Essex neighbors is life, love, peace and happiness!

• Feeders full, Birds of all kinds. Cat on the sill, losing her mind!

• Husband bought a boat, so now chickens for me. Coop for sale, anyone?

• Went over the fiscal cliff with only my wallet to break the fall.

• Wise words from Mom, “Forgiving is not forgetting. It’s remembering and letting go.”

• From hunting laws, to deicing roofs, I learn so much on this forum.

• Skeleton walked into a bar and said, “Give me beer and a mop.”

• What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros? Hellifino!

• I have concluded that the future is not what it used to be.

• The chances of a raffle are nice, but having a community is priceless.

• What do you call a crate full of ducks? A box of quackers!

• What did the chef say about the tiny pickle? That’s no big dill!!

• Cat walking on keyboard drives me absolutely bonkers, but I love her anyway.

• Help! Held hostage by two old TVs. 22-inch and 21-inch. Both work. Free.

• Bindings broke, I’m in a pickle, Any snowshoes out there for a nickel?

• Richmond’s Front Porch Forum is one of the most interesting in the state.

• Have you heard about corduroy pillows? They are making headlines across the nation!

• Nothing inspires such false hope as the first four hours of a diet.

• From the mouth of babes: “Mommy, I’m not watching tv, I’m watching Netflix!”

• Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most of it right now.

• Posted our lost cat on FPF. Responses aplenty. He was found. FPF ROCKS!!

• Lots of holiday company. Lots of left overs. Want to come for dinner?

• Knee surgery last winter. Grounded. One year later…bring on snow and snowshoes!

• How lucky we are to have Front Porch Forum at our fingertips everyday.

• No bears allowed says the sign at my bird feeder. Grrr says bear.

• Roses they are red. Violets are blue. Everyone I know. Loves FPF too.

• A termite walked into a bar and asked, “Is the bar tender here?”

• What do you call a heifer after she gives birth? Decaffeinated. Get it?

• How many ways can we say how much we enjoy Front Porch Forum?

• Oh, glorious Vermont, how lucky we are to live here. Love thy neighbor.

• Thanks, FPF, for connecting me to my Valley neighbors, even in the winter!

• I’m glad that Northfield joined FPF. It helps me feel connected to neighbors.

• Hurricane Irene hit hard but showed us what wonderful people our neighbors are!

• Waiting is imprudent so the time is now to act on your dreams!

• If we look at everyone we see as holy, then peace will come.

• This raffle will get you used to posting on the Front Porch Forum.

• seeking clean loveseat for my nonprofit office. cheap is good, free is better. (o:

• And I love winning things! Leunig’s is my favorite restaurant. Got fingers crossed!

• Vermont is such a special place to live. I feel so blessed everyday.

• Seeking local, sustainable, community-oriented renewable energy sources? FPF will fill your tank.

• I apologize. The beautiful white snow on each corner is now yellow. Django.

• “All a woman needs is a little love and a lot of chocolate.”

• Winter…be warned…hellebore, crocus, tulip, daffodil, hyacinth and iris wait to spring.

• Tell everyone in your ‘hood, test every battery before calling it no good!

• Thanks Front Porch Forum for keeping neighbors connected to each other in 2013.

• Living in Burlington, Vermont is a gift beyond compare. Lake, Mountains, Sky, Community!

• Drag your tree to a group for pick-up; Christmas trees look better together!

• Blades scrape, pucks clatter; I don’t even skate but our rink rocks…THANKS! Becky Galvin

• Quote: Use it up, wear it out, make it do or go without!

• Why did the Komodo Dragon cross the road? To get to the commode!

• I love free stuff… Neighbors offer free stuff on FPF… I love FPF!

• This forum makes my day! Found glove, used skis or cat gone astray!

• Gratitude is the attitude to lighten up the mood of any brooding dude

• “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

• I would like to say I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, FPF

• On FPF such great treats I find, like GS cookies, just my kind!

• Thirteen words? What would I write about? Seems too hard. I give up.

• 2012 record high temperatures. The universe may be unlimited, the Earth is not.

• Please consider school board run. Two seats open. We need thoughtful, new participants!

• Any screws, nails, hardware, antique tools to get rid of please contact me.

• Cold winds gone. Dog bored. Squirrels restless. Must mean mud in my future.

• Thirteen is my lucky number. I’m not just saying this. Or am I?

• Anyone have a good contractor they would recommend to improve existing attic insulation?

• While wearily waiting, we wonder when westerly winds will weaken wicked winter weather.

• Seeking local, personable, reliable, reasonably priced mechanic for vehicle whose warranty is up!

• What has no head during the day but at night gets it back?

• Snowshoeing on a blanket of snow over my sleeping garden, dreaming of Spring!

• We all witnessed an absolutely beautiful sunrise this morning from Brigham Hill Road

• Although a thaw this weekend, please remember shovel out hydrants during next snow.

• An opportunity for free, just add some spice. A neighborly jester. Why not!

• Arm chair with slipcover available. Free for Front Porch members, $25 on Craigslist!

• I would like to take this opportunity to thank Front Porch Forum for

• I see rabbits in my yard all summer. Why only tracks in winter?

• Troop 692 thanks the community for donations and support for x-mas tree pickup.

• Thankful for the snow in December 2012 and hoping for more in 2013!

• Two feet of snow and more coming! Who has the White Mountain now?

• If I win this raffle contest, thirteen will become my new lucky number! 🙂

• Everyone likes to win prizes. Is the prize possibly simply in the playing?

• Real Vermonters don’t leave when it’s below zero; we’re froze to the ground!

• Colchester is two hundred fifty years old in twenty thirteen. Celebrate, COMMUNITY, Colchester!

• “Most… lead lives… quiet desperation… go to… grave with… song still in them.”

• News Flash! Number Thirteen finally given chance to prove itself a lucky number!

• Quotation from Anais Nin: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage”

• Find your pet, someone to help you, a new home for unwanted stuff!

• Snowmobiles drove through *my lawn.* This is a no-no. Marshmallow cannon standing by.

• Free studded snow tires, size 235/75R15. Call 635-8336. And here’s 5 more words!

• Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help! I need someone. Help!

• How lucky I am to have the wonderful neighbors living in Summer Woods.

• I love the grace and thrill of skiing Hate the cost Pick me!

• Front Porch Forum spreads the word Just like a cute little tweety bird!

• Thank you for all the great snow already in 2013 – all is forgiven

• Would I shamelessly post to FPF for first time to win prizes? Yes!

• A skeleton walks into a bar, says, Gimme a beer and a mop!

• Thirteen words bring me luck so at Leunig’s I may dine on duck.

• chickadees, honeybees and beautious birch trees, microbrews slopes at noon; i love vermont.

• mother nature grows iller, political banter needs to shed the filler, talk truth

• In Tinmouth, potatoes grow small. You have to eat ’em skin and all.

• The news begins with “Good Evening”, then proceeds to tell you it isn’t.

• In the deep midwinter, snow on snow on snow, not so long ago.

• Lift up your heart and eyes to meet the ardor of the stars.

• Terrifying troublesome truck trouble tempting traumatized troubleshooter towards towing truck to Timbuktu tomorrow.

• I will try to keep this lean, with nothing more than lucky thirteen.

• Middlesex is booming with joy, kindness and creativity. Can you feel the vibrations?

• Seeking magical Vermont “potion” to remember that, somewhere, out there, awaits bucolic summer

• Temperatures rising, go and get ready; hurry and snowshoe, ski and go sledding.

TMI? Nah… B&J’s is a special case…

#VT – Last month Front Porch Forum gave away 60 pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to lucky raffle winners.  Today, one of them posted to her Pownal neighbors…

You may be interested in the fun I had with the 12 pints of B & J ice cream I won a few weeks ago:

Jan 16 – Cherry Garcia & Heath Bar Crunch
Jan 22 – FroYo Phish Food & Half Baked
Jan 30 – Friends invited me to lunch; I took dessert, Coffee Heath Bar & Stawberry Cheesecake
Feb 7 – Gave 2 pints to daughter-in-law at my birthday supper
Feb 13 – What a Cluster & Boston Cream Pie
Feb 22 – Gave last 2 to g’son, who’s favorite is Cherry Garcia

What if we all kept ice cream diaries?

Magic Number

A guest post today from Front Porch Forum’s most recent hire, Jamie Seiffer.  Take it away, Jamie…

For those of you familiar with De La Soul, y’all know that three is the magic number. For those of you unfamiliar, check this out. Three is the magic number for us because that’s how many pairs of tickets our friends at Higher Ground have graciously donated to Front Porch Forum. As a result, all of our neighbors (that’s you!) have the chance to enter a raffle for a FREE PAIR OF TICKETS.

Grammy award-winning hip-hop group De La Soul is performing at Higher Ground August 21.  If you’d like a shot at a pair of tickets all you need to do is comment on this post.* You can post about whatever you want – how you use FPF, why you like De La Soul, an awesome show you’ve seen at Higher Ground, whatever – any comment gets you an entry into the raffle (limit one per person).

Here at FPF we use this blog to keep our neighbors (and everyone else in the blogosphere) up to date about Front Porch Forum happenings. These include unique success stories, updates about our progress/expansion, and fun raffles like this De La promo. La la la la lah, this is a D.A.I.S.Y. age.

*TO ENTER:  Comment on this blog post below by 7 PM EST on Aug. 20.  Comments on Facebook will not get your name in the hat… you must comment at http://frontporchforum.com/blog Winners will be selected at random on Thursday night and will be notified via the email address attached to your comment.