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Watch your skis or snowboard… thieves strike slopes

“Just wanted to send out a quick PSA and let everyone know that there is apparently a ski/snowboard thief going around to most of the local resorts (Sugarbush, Smugg’s, Bolton, Stowe). My skis and poles were stolen last night from Bolton and the desk employee informed me there have been about 5-10 other reports just in the last 2 days. Please be cautious and lock/watch your things!”
• Jenessa, Richmond Front Porch Forum

Has your gear been stolen this season?  Pitch in by telling your neighbors on FPF.

“Glad to be a Vermonter, where good neighbors are the rule rather than the exception”

“I received a large number of responses to my ‘looking for a house’ posting. I am in the process of reading each one and plan on thanking the senders individually. But in case someone falls through the cracks of my responding, I want to offer this public THANK YOU. I love how responsive and supportive the community is. It’s things like this — along with reading about a person losing her credit card AND someone turning that same credit card into the police station in that same FPF issue — that make me glad to be a Vermonter, where good neighbors are the rule rather than the exception.”
• JD, Montpelier FPF

Increased break-ins? Rally neighbors to keep watch

“Just want to let people know that in Williamstown we are having break-ins. If you see or hear anything, please call police. This seems to be getting out of hand, so as a community we need to keep watch over our neighbors. If something doesn’t look right, call… especially when you know people are away and for the elderly who are home alone.”
• Donna, Williamstown Front Porch Forum

Many communities across Vermont use their local FPFs as a kind of neighborhood watch.  When break-ins, vandalism and other crime intrudes on your community, in addition to contacting police, post to your FPF to keep your neighbors informed.

Tip from neighbor and two-hour chase brings ducks on the lam home to Huntington

“Thanks to everyone who emailed me about our four missing ducks. A tip from one of you brought us to the pond/pine tree where they were hanging out. After a couple of long hours chasing them around looking like a bunch of idiots, they are back home (with their wings clipped). Thanks, neighbors!”
• Amanda, Huntington FPF

Quack!  Missing an animal or pet of any kind?  Ask neighbors for tips on Front Porch Forum.

Real-life Grinch steals lighted Christmas tree in Waterbury

“We had a small, artificial tree that we put in our front yard each year as part of our Christmas lighting. Someone (had to be a Grinch) stole it and the 300 lights and nearly ruined the extension cord hitched to it. I hope it was someone who couldn’t afford it and just wanted some trim for their kids to enjoy. My fear is that the fact may be way different. Anyway, it is gone and I just wanted people to know that their outdoor trim may not be all that secure. We are ready for unforeseen possibilities.”
• Gloria, Waterbury Front Porch Forum

Missing Ferrisburgh Schnauzer – now safe and warm!

“After 8 nights of being lost and wondering outside, little (now 10 pound) Trey is now back with me. After the community calling in with sightings and us being able to determine the general area that he has been staying, John and I were able to see him yesterday in the fields between Lime Kiln Road and Pea Ridge Road. Giving him a soft call and me on the ground, he slowly approached as I held my breath, tossing fresh grilled chicken from Shaws! He came slowly and started to cry as he crawled in my lap. My heart skipped a beat and John offered his coat to us as we left those fields forever. So many people have helped looked for this little guy, so many people called in to say where they last saw him, others loaned traps and offered to pick them up and bring them to the fields. Deb and Rachel braved the cold, windy day to help set traps, loaned blankets, including horse blankets to make the traps cozy… so thankful to them. Trey smelled like cow and barn, so thank you to the farmer and the cows that obviously shared their barn on the cold nights. Last night was the first night all of us didn’t feel our hearts sink as the sun did. We are so thankful to all of you who had Trey in your thoughts. Vermont truly is a special place with special people. And if there is ever a reason to believe in angels… especially the lost doggie angel.. this is it! Trey has some recovery time, but the worst is over. He will have a good holiday season!”
• Kim, Ferrisburgh Front Porch Forum

UFO sighting in Lincoln

“Today, Sunday, at about 4:35 pm, I was driving down River Road in Lincoln, VT, when I saw what appeared to be a plane at low altitude heading east – upriver, so to speak. Besides going in a strange direction, it seemed to be flying low. As I drew closer I could see its outline in the darkening sky. It had wings with lights on the ends, a red light under the center, and what looked like two fuselages with an odd tail. It was just hanging there in the air like an air balloon. Hard to tell how high – maybe 200-300 feet?  I was so startled I turned around at the bottom of River Road and went back to look at it again, but it was gone. Did anyone else see this thing? I feel like I must have been hallucinating.  Thank you. “
• Tina, Lincoln Front Porch Forum