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Tires slashed, windows shot out across Burlington’s South End

Postings like those below (this set is from March 1) have become common on Front Porch Forum across Burlington’s South End…

“The two street-side tires were slashed on a pickup truck parked in front of our house on lower Lyman, we think sometime between last night (Wed 3/1) and this morning. We didn’t notice any activity or hear anything unusual. My husband called the police and an officer stopped by to say the usual – that this type of thing has been happening all over the city and they are trying to track down the perpetrator(s). The officer also said that he had already responded to another incident up the street.”
• Laura, The Addition FPF in Burlington’s South End

“Hey folks – I woke up yesterday morning to find 3 of 4 windows smashed (both street-side, one sidewalk side) on my car parked on upper Ferguson. Nothing taken that I am aware of, however, there was a strange addition of white rice in the front seats. The responding officer was also perplexed by the rice, but did indicate, as we know, that this type of vandalism has been occurring all over Burlington for a while now. Yesterday evening I did locate two BBs inside my vehicle. Wanted to post to let folks know that this vandalism is still occurring.”
• Kristi,The Addition FPF in Burlington’s South End

“Be aware – tires slashed on upper Spruce St. night of 3/1-3/2. Car parked on street.”
• Priscilla, South Union FPF in Burlington’s South End

“My tire was also slashed, Priscilla… I’m on South Union, a couple houses from Spruce. Sad to hear someone else went through this!”
• Kevin, South Union FPF in Burlington’s South End

Same thing happened on my street in the Five Sisters neighborhood a few weeks ago.  If you have any information about these incidents, please notify the Burlington Police and post on your local FPF so neighbors can be aware.

Gifford Thrift in Randolph burglarized

“Gifford Thrift was burglarized last night. They didn’t get much $$ but the miscreants were up in the attic – anyone see lights on the second story Wednesday night? Any info, please call the shop or the Randolph police – thank you!”
• Elizabeth, Randolph Front Porch Forum, yesterday

Hearts of ice in Milton? UPDATED

“I wasn’t sure where to go with this, so I thought I would bring it to our Front Porch Forum. Around 7:30am this morning, my 87-year-old mother fell on the ice while walking out to get her newspaper. I was saddened and disheartened when she later informed me that as she was laying in her bathrobe at the end of her driveway on Ellison Street unable to get up and she watched five cars drive by her. I was then angry and disgusted when I found out that her neighbor, a lovely older woman, saw her, and came out to help and tried waving down three cars for help… and all drove past… My mother’s in the ICU tonight, but she’s in good spirits and I’m sure that she’ll be alright. I feel worse for those poor lost souls who drove by. Shame on you.”
• Janet, Milton FPF, yesterday

“I am very sorry to hear about your mother and her ordeal. I’m glad that her neighbor was able to get her assistance. I think this should be a lesson to us all to slow down and not be so preoccupied in our own worlds… I, for one, have had my eyes opened by your FPF posting and will try to be more vigilant. I pray your mother continues on the road to recovery.”
• Vickie, Milton FPF, today

“I am so sorry to hear this. I sincerely hope that this is not representative of Milton residents, of which I am one. Healing wishes to your mother.”
• James, Milton FPF, today

“Wow – that is SO awful!    I’m so very sorry your Mom and her neighbor had to go through that!   You’re right – shame on them!   I hope your Mom is soon out of the hospital!”
• Diane, Milton FPF, today

When people ask “do we really need a service like Front Porch Forum?” I’ll point them to this story and I’ll respond “Yes, we do!”  Each community in Vermont needs more efforts to increase connection between neighbors and build community so that this kind of thing won’t happen again.


“Quick update regarding my mother who fell on the ice… Five people drove by her, but more then double that amount responded to my post and sent thoughts and well wishes. These messages meant so much to her. Thank you. She left the ICU last night and hopes to discharge any day. My mom usually goes for a walk around Milton every morning and every afternoon… Feel free to wave and say hello. She’s feeling so much better about our community. Thank you for that.”
• Janet, Milton FPF

Watch your skis or snowboard… thieves strike slopes

“Just wanted to send out a quick PSA and let everyone know that there is apparently a ski/snowboard thief going around to most of the local resorts (Sugarbush, Smugg’s, Bolton, Stowe). My skis and poles were stolen last night from Bolton and the desk employee informed me there have been about 5-10 other reports just in the last 2 days. Please be cautious and lock/watch your things!”
• Jenessa, Richmond Front Porch Forum

Has your gear been stolen this season?  Pitch in by telling your neighbors on FPF.

“Glad to be a Vermonter, where good neighbors are the rule rather than the exception”

“I received a large number of responses to my ‘looking for a house’ posting. I am in the process of reading each one and plan on thanking the senders individually. But in case someone falls through the cracks of my responding, I want to offer this public THANK YOU. I love how responsive and supportive the community is. It’s things like this — along with reading about a person losing her credit card AND someone turning that same credit card into the police station in that same FPF issue — that make me glad to be a Vermonter, where good neighbors are the rule rather than the exception.”
• JD, Montpelier FPF

Increased break-ins? Rally neighbors to keep watch

“Just want to let people know that in Williamstown we are having break-ins. If you see or hear anything, please call police. This seems to be getting out of hand, so as a community we need to keep watch over our neighbors. If something doesn’t look right, call… especially when you know people are away and for the elderly who are home alone.”
• Donna, Williamstown Front Porch Forum

Many communities across Vermont use their local FPFs as a kind of neighborhood watch.  When break-ins, vandalism and other crime intrudes on your community, in addition to contacting police, post to your FPF to keep your neighbors informed.

Tip from neighbor and two-hour chase brings ducks on the lam home to Huntington

“Thanks to everyone who emailed me about our four missing ducks. A tip from one of you brought us to the pond/pine tree where they were hanging out. After a couple of long hours chasing them around looking like a bunch of idiots, they are back home (with their wings clipped). Thanks, neighbors!”
• Amanda, Huntington FPF

Quack!  Missing an animal or pet of any kind?  Ask neighbors for tips on Front Porch Forum.

Real-life Grinch steals lighted Christmas tree in Waterbury

“We had a small, artificial tree that we put in our front yard each year as part of our Christmas lighting. Someone (had to be a Grinch) stole it and the 300 lights and nearly ruined the extension cord hitched to it. I hope it was someone who couldn’t afford it and just wanted some trim for their kids to enjoy. My fear is that the fact may be way different. Anyway, it is gone and I just wanted people to know that their outdoor trim may not be all that secure. We are ready for unforeseen possibilities.”
• Gloria, Waterbury Front Porch Forum