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Thousands of business recommendations flow through Front Porch Forum

“A few weeks ago I posted on our Front Porch Forum seeking recommendations for XC boots in our area, and several people wrote to say Onion River Sports was the place to go. So we went there and, sure enough, my sister found the perfect boots. The salesperson patiently helped her get fitted properly, and, after years of XC skiing, she says these are the best boots she’s ever had. Yay for Onion River Sports and FPF posters. Thanks again!”
• Kathy, East Montpelier FPF

What’s your question?  Ask neighbors on your FPF and shop local!

Windblown snow tube recovered half-mile away by Hyde Park neighbors

“Thanks to a kind-hearted neighbor, our snow tube was FOUND! It traveled about 1/2 a mile and crossed Battle Row, but our neighbor kept it safe for us. Front Porch Forum helped us get the word out about it being lost, so we’re thankful for FPF too. Gotta love Hyde Park! Thanks, Fred.”
• Jon and Deb, Hyde Park FPF

Tip from neighbor and two-hour chase brings ducks on the lam home to Huntington

“Thanks to everyone who emailed me about our four missing ducks. A tip from one of you brought us to the pond/pine tree where they were hanging out. After a couple of long hours chasing them around looking like a bunch of idiots, they are back home (with their wings clipped). Thanks, neighbors!”
• Amanda, Huntington FPF

Quack!  Missing an animal or pet of any kind?  Ask neighbors for tips on Front Porch Forum.

Burton jacket missing from Nectars… stolen or honest mistake?

“My green Burton jacket was taken from Dead Set at Nectars last night. I’m sure it was an innocent mistake but if anyone found it please please please let me know! My only Saab key was in it and I will not be able to drive to my family’s house for Christmas without it.”
• Kelsey, Old North End neighborhood Front Porch Forum in Burlington

“The person who accidentally took my jacket saw my FPF posting and will be returning it to Nectars! Best case scenario; I am so grateful. Thank you to everyone who reached out with tips and advice! Special shoutout to Rain at Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime. He contacted me and was super helpful in exploring possible solutions. Thanks to this lovely community, it looks like I’ll be making it home for Christmas! And yes, I will be getting a spare copy of my key immediately.”
• Kelsey, Old North End FPF, next day

Can’t see to find lost eyeglasses? Ask neighbors for help

“Hoping to find prescription eyeglasses that may have been dropped on Dorset Street bike path south of Swift Street on Sunday afternoon.”
• Mary Anne, Southeast Quadrant FPF in South Burlington

“Eyeglass returned!  Front Porch Forum and a wonderful neighbor to the rescue!! Thank you.”
• Mary Anne, Southeast Quadrant FPF, next day

Seeking apple picker pole in Plainfield

“Dear community: Thank you so much for your generosity. Three people immediately responded to my last post about a bike stand, and were so incredibly generous… thank you! Since Front Porch Forum seems to work so well, I am now looking for an apple picker (one of those funny metal baskets on a long extendable pole for reaching the tall apples). If you have one you no longer need, I would be happy to take it off your hands, buy it, or trade you for an apple pie next fall. Thanks so much.”
• Hannah, Marshfield Plainfield FPF

Real-life Grinch steals lighted Christmas tree in Waterbury

“We had a small, artificial tree that we put in our front yard each year as part of our Christmas lighting. Someone (had to be a Grinch) stole it and the 300 lights and nearly ruined the extension cord hitched to it. I hope it was someone who couldn’t afford it and just wanted some trim for their kids to enjoy. My fear is that the fact may be way different. Anyway, it is gone and I just wanted people to know that their outdoor trim may not be all that secure. We are ready for unforeseen possibilities.”
• Gloria, Waterbury Front Porch Forum

Shelburne foosball secret

“Just a quick note to thank Front Porch Forum for providing a great way for neighbors to connect. We were looking for a foosball table, someone responded through FPF, they were glad to have a family with younger kids have it, and our kids will be thrilled (but they don’t know yet — shhhh). We’ll be happy to pass along the table through FPF when our kids outgrow it. Thanks to both FPF and our generous neighbor.”
• Liz, Shelburne FPF

Saved from ice pirouette in Bristol

“I would like to thank the very nice man who saved me from a fall on the ice outside the Lawrence Memorial Library yesterday (Monday). I was doing a nice pirouette on invisible ice which would have ended in a nasty fall, and this person caught my hand and saved me from disaster. I hope that he is subscribed to Front Porch Forum!”
• Louise, Bristol FPF