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South Albany horse wanders from home

“Found in South Albany on Hartwell Pond Rd… a young riding horse with halter. Call Stephanie and describe halter color.”
• Stephanie, Craftsbury FPF

“Young horse found his owner the same day! So glad for Front Porch Forum!!”
• Stephanie, Craftsbury FPF

Missing Cocker Spaniel in Stowe… Found

“Our dog went missing a couple of hours ago. She is a black cocker spaniel, about 30lbs and is named Game. She wears a red collar and an invisible fence collar (battery must have run out); our number may be written on her collar (lost her tag a few weeks ago). She is very friendly and has a lot of energy. We live on Sinclair Drive in the Stowe club highlands so I would think she would be in that area. If anyone happens to see her or has her at their house please call. Thanks so much.”
• Joya, Stowe Front Porch Forum

“We found our dog so quickly thanks to this wonderful, tight-knit community that we live in. Thank you to everyone for your tips and concern 🙂
• Joya, Stowe Front Porch Forum, next day

Lost Golden Retriever and Chocolate Lab back home

“Great news: Lost Golden Retriever has returned home safe and sound!! Thank you to our wonderful friends and neighbors on Front Porch Forum for all of your help and support!!”
• Dana & Susan, Johnson FPF

“Our sweet Chocolate Lab, Ellie, is home again! Very grateful for social media and for our wonderful neighbors in Jericho.”
• Sarah, Stephen, Calvin & Violet, Jericho FPF

Many in Monkton respond with plumber recommendations

“Sending out a thank you to all in the community who responded to my request for a plumber recommendation. We have a wonderful resource here in Front Porch Forum. Thank you, everyone!”
• Kristen, Monkton FPF

Montpelier community reunites lost goat painting with owner

 “I painted a canvas for my aunt’s birthday and lost it today. It was on the roof of my mother’s car and has my initials on it (KAL 01/17). It is a gift and only the second time I’ve ever painted. If anyone finds it I would be super appreciative!”

Almost a week later, a FPF member posts:
“Found Painting on Ground Near Bike Path – Yours? With initials KAL.

“The painting has been located! THANK YOU Front Porch Forum! I am so glad we have this community!”  – Christine, Montpelier FPF

Lose something of value? Your neighbors are ready to help. Just ask!

Many helping hands in Waitsfield

“WOW thanks you for all of the replies!!!! So glad to know there are many helping hands in our community. The bed has moved to it’s new home at the Lareau Farm Inn. Thank you all!”
Lisabeth, Innkeeper, Mad River Valley Front Porch Forum

Moving? Need help? Ask your neighbors on FPF.

Doing dishes in the bathtub while watching squirming baby… Mad River Valley problem needs solution

“I have a crack in our kitchen sink drain pipe. So now I can’t use the sink and I’m doing dishes in the bathroom. I have an 8 mo old and the dishes are piling up!!! I haven’t been able to get in touch with any plumbing services and I fear I won’t hear from anyone until Monday at this point. I tried plumbing tape, but it didn’t work. HELP would be so appreciated! Whether a number for another plumber, a suggestion for how to fix, or better yet, someone who can come help since DIY plumbing while watching a squirming baby is really hard!!!”
• Karyn, Mad River Valley Front Porch Forum

“Thank you everyone who responded to my call for plumbing help. I’m all set and have a fix underway.”
• Karyn, Mad River Valley FPF, next day

Need help in a hurry?  Vermonters turn to neighbors every day on FPF.

Thousands of business recommendations flow through Front Porch Forum

“A few weeks ago I posted on our Front Porch Forum seeking recommendations for XC boots in our area, and several people wrote to say Onion River Sports was the place to go. So we went there and, sure enough, my sister found the perfect boots. The salesperson patiently helped her get fitted properly, and, after years of XC skiing, she says these are the best boots she’s ever had. Yay for Onion River Sports and FPF posters. Thanks again!”
• Kathy, East Montpelier FPF

What’s your question?  Ask neighbors on your FPF and shop local!

Windblown snow tube recovered half-mile away by Hyde Park neighbors

“Thanks to a kind-hearted neighbor, our snow tube was FOUND! It traveled about 1/2 a mile and crossed Battle Row, but our neighbor kept it safe for us. Front Porch Forum helped us get the word out about it being lost, so we’re thankful for FPF too. Gotta love Hyde Park! Thanks, Fred.”
• Jon and Deb, Hyde Park FPF