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Kid or cockatoo calling “mama” in Richmond woods?

“I lost my white cockatoo by Christmas Hill. My bird’s name is Savannah. She has full flight feathers and flew into the woods on Wed night. She says “mama” and sounds like a child. She might respond to a cat call whistle. Please call if you see her. Thank you!”
• Jane, Richmond FPF

“Wow, this is my first experience with Front Porch Forum and I am AMAZED at the response! Thanks everyone for your concern and help! Star and her daughter found my bird and safely delivered her to Feathered Hearts Avian Rescue. I will be picking Savannah up tonight.”
• Jane, Richmond FPF, a few days later

Good suction procured in Montpelier

“Thanks to the people who responded to my request for a vacuum cleaner with good suction. We’re very happy with the one that was donated! Front Porch Forum for the win!”
• Eva, Montpelier FPF

Barre soccer team successful bottle drive

“What a success we had yesterday! Thank you to everyone who contacted me, to those in the community that donated when the boys came to your neighborhood. The middle school boys soccer team filled a storage container almost full with redeemable bottles. Thanks to Maplewood Redemption for working with the team! The boys will be able to get sweatpants this year and other team items. Love Front Porch Forum and our Barre City community – thank you!!”
• Cassie, Barre City FPF

Jett, the Essex cat (who doesn’t answer to his name), is home again

“Our three-year-old totally black. slim-ish, cat has been missing for three days. His name is Jett, but he does not answer to that – he’s a cat. We’re missing him terribly and are hoping against hope that perhaps he got shut in someone’s garage by mistake.”
• Deedee, Essex Center FPF

“I’m happy to report that we have our black cat back, thanks to Front Porch Forum and some wonderful neighbors in Meadows Edge. We’re so grateful. We are remodeling… a lot of noise and strangers in and out. We think that is why he took off. Thanks again, everyone.”
• Deedee, Essex Center FPF, next day

Guitar thefts spread from Marlboro to Newfane

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-5-57-25-pm“The guitar/stringed instrument thefts that have been hitting Marlboro have now come to Newfane. They seem to be targeted to out-of-the-way places and, somehow, the thieves know where to find the good instruments.”
• Dan, Newfane Townshend Front Porch Forum

Looking for a used canoe? Ask neighbors on FPF

“The response to my request to buy a used canoe was incredible. I have received at least six offers – very reasonable and good condition. I have re-evaluated my time and toys and have decided to forgo the canoe. However, if any member out there is looking for a canoe, there are many to choose from. Thanks to all that responded! Front Porch Forum is great!”
• Hale, Middlesex FPF

Border-crossing Maltese rounded up in Stowe

“I just have to say how fortunate we are to have Front Porch Forum.  This morning a distraught young man stopped in to say he is staying at a house near us.  He is from Canada and doesn’t know the area.  Their 5 lb. Maltese, Lily, ran off and had been gone all night. Tonight my husband read the Forum and there was a post for a found white dog… we were able to connect the two people and Lily is now safe at “home”. Thank you Front Porch Forum.”
• Nancy, Stowe FPF

Richmond good neighbors recover forgotten bike

“Reason #57 why we love Richmond: You can forget your unlocked bike at the park and find it again four days later! So grateful to the friend who called after finding the helmet with our name on it, and to the observant villager who got the mountain bike back to us after reading my Front Porch Forum post. He actually joined FPF to figure out how to get the bike back to its owner! Love this town and the people in it, as well as FPF.”
• Kathryn, Richmond FPF

FPF works in Charlotte, Montpelier and Stowe

“2001 Volvo wagon I posted sold yesterday. Thanks to Front Porch Forum and to all who inquired.”
• Marvin, Charlotte FPF

“Talk about the power of our FPF!! I had posted free a CD player, Bose speakers and TV yesterday. The items were all spoken for within 10 minutes of the posting!!!  I received 30+ responses so far and have tried to respond to each to explain items were gone plus thank them for their interest. If I missed anyone my apologies.  So great to have a way to reach out and repurpose items rather than add to trash.  This is why I support FPF with a donation each year and urge those who can please do likewise.”
• Noah, Montpelier FPF

“We have one free twin bed left. Which is awesome since we inherited 6 unneeded beds when we bought our home. Thank you FPF!”
• Kristel, Stowe FPF