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Threatening IRS phone scam reported in Essex Junction, Vermont

Recent discussion on Front Porch Forum in Essex Junction…

“Received today a voice mail ,supposedly , from the Crime Investigation Unit of the IRS threatening vague immediate action unless I or my lawyer called them back immediately. I didn’t fall for it. Wrote down phone # from CID & call back #. Wondered if anyone else has received this call. Don’t know who to report this to. Essex PD or State Atty. General? Any ideas?”
• Robert

“Yes, we received a similar call with the person claiming they were from the Treasury Dept (didn’t say IRS specifically). And we’d be in “big trouble” if we didn’t take it seriously and the cops will come to our house shortly (at which we had a good laugh).”
• Eve

“This is a pretty far reaching scam. My parents in Michigan received the same call a couple of months ago. Good job managing the panic reflex. My mom had already given them her SSN before her “something’s not right here” radar went off. Thanks for sharing on the Forum. The more people that hear about it – the less likely their chances of victimizing someone.”
• Jessica

“Yes, other people have been receiving these IRS phone calls. The State Attorney has had warnings in the news alot lately.”
• Robin

Vancouver-ite’s take on Burlington

In a posting selling four used snow tires on the Far North End FPF, Jay shared yesterday…

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how wonderful Front Porch Forum and Vermont are. My family and I moved here from Vancouver British Columbia last summer. We moved here for work and was told about FPF by our landlord. Unfortunately, work isn’t working out for us and we have to move back to Vancouver in the coming months. We have mixed feelings about moving home. Vermont and in particular Burlington is a wonderful place with a fantastic sense of community. We are going to miss that dearly. My wife and I, despite living in a large city for a number of years, both come from smaller towns. We did a lot of research when deciding to move and thought Burlington was similar to what we wanted in a city. We weren’t disappointed.

Our only regret is not posting to FPF sooner. We have read it every day since we have been in VT and discussed how wonderful and unique VT is. There is a pride and sense of community like few other places we have been. We wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience.

Calais Community Root Cellar

“As you may remember from previous Front Porch Forum posts, the Calais Vermontivate team won first place in the community division. This means we earned $1,000 toward our mission of building a community root cellar. We will soon be working on the design for a root cellar in the basement of the Maple Corner Community Center. We don’t know yet how big it will be, but, it would help to know — who will want space here to store your roots? Send me an email to let me know if you want to participate.”
• Ginny, Calais FPF

Bristol delivers for family in need

Dani shared with her neighbors on her Bristol FPF the other day…

My daughter has recently lost the use of her legs due to a neurological disorder and we are in need of a wheelchair with the larger wheels so she can push herself as well as a shower chair. Does anyone have one or both that you are looking to get rid of or that we could borrow while we jump through the hoops of insurance red tape? Email or call me.

And she followed up the very next day with…

Thank you!!!!! Thank you to everyone who contacted me …my daughter is all set now! Amazing response from Front Porch Forum!

Vermont Tick Tracker

“Just Tried Melissa’s Tick Tracker Link (https://apps.health.vermont.gov/gis/vttracking/ticktracker/2015/). It’s easy to use… type in Middletown Springs and hover the cursor over the images of ticks in our area…I know of several people–at least one here on Garron Road–who’ve run across deer ticks already this season but have not realized they could/should be posting their sightings (or bitings) on Front Porch Forum so researchers–and neighbors–can know what kind of ticks are out there…and whose lawns, woods, or pastures NOT to visit!”
• Linda, Middletown Springs FPF

Waterbury Shaw’s employee earns praise

Posted on the Waterbury Front Porch Forum yesterday…

Today I had an excellent example of going that extra mile for a customer!

I was in a difficult situation. I needed flowers for First Holy Communion tomorrow… It was 90 degrees plus in the parking lot and I had my little dog, Ollie in the car with me which was fine when the A/C was running… And there was no way I would risk him… And I was not feeling well. I called the store and asked if someone could help me… explaining my circumstances. They said yes and would send someone out.

A young adult came out and was so kind and helpful. He went back and forth to find what I needed and happily went back to pay for the flowers and bring me them and my change.

He refused a tip and was very grateful to hear me say what a great help he had been to me!

This employee showed what it truly meant to go that extra mile and happily!  Thanks!

Followed by this posting on today’s Waterbury FPF by the proud mother…

I am delighted to hear that my son is being the respectful young man that his father and I have raised him to be.  I just want to thank you for saying kind words about him. He loves to go out of his way to help someone and so happy that it meant so much to you to post it on the community Front Porch Forum. Way to go, son, very proud of you! Thanks for making her day a little easier and better.

Donating picnic table made quick and easy

“I had no idea what to do with the large wood picnic table with attached benches we inherited when we moved in. I finally thought to post it on FPF, and had 3 takers within 2 days. I hope my neighbors down the street enjoy many a meal on their new (to them) table.  Thank you, Front Porch Forum!”
• Anne, Birchcliff neighborhood FPF in Burlington

Turkey buzzards monitoring Middlebury FPF?

“Lately on Chipman Hill we have seen several very large vultures… We have two small dogs and these predatory birds seemed very interested in them when I let them out yesterday. One of our dogs is an elderly, white Bichon, which must resemble a rabbit-like meal to these birds. They immediately left their perch in our neighbor’s tree (there were 5 of them!) and began circling overhead our dogs. I ran out and made lots of noise to scare them off and quickly got our dogs back inside. Beware of these birds in the area, especially if you have small pets outdoors. They are quite large with a 6-7 ft wingspan.”
• Thomas, Middlebury Front Porch Forum

“Unless your dog dies while a vulture is circling overhead, you don’t really need to worry; they only eat carrion. I’m pretty sure they don’t attack animals, like hawks or eagles.”
• Leigh, Middlebury FPF

“… Enjoy them. They are gentle giants who clean up roadkill and carcasses.”
• Kerry, Middlebury FPF

“… Any circling above dogs is most likely coincidental and has more to do with them finding a nice updraft than thoughts of a potential meal.”
• Ron, Middlebury FPF

“Thank you to everyone who responded to my post… I am not a bird expert so I wasn’t totally sure they were vultures and found their behavior a bit confusing when they left their perches to circle over our dogs. I haven’t seen them since my original posting (maybe they’re on FPF too).”
• Thomas, Middlebury FPF

“Ornithology expertise be damned – I don’t think we can be too careful when it comes to vultures. When I’m out for a run and see them circling overhead, I always try to speed up a bit. Just in case.”
• Barbara, Middlebury FPF

“Old cow died
Little cat cried
Buzzard, he laughed, took a pain in his side.
• American folk song
In the 1950s, when I was a young kid, we lived in Virginia for three years. Turkey buzzards were one of the disagreeable things that I was glad weren’t in Vermont when we moved back. Like possums and ticks. We’ve gotten all three–maybe we’ll have mulberries and persimmons some day, too.”
• Ed, Middlbury FPF