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Conventional Neighborhood Online Message Board

Some people outside of our pilot area may think that Front Porch Forum provides conventional online message boards for neighborhoods… not so.  Here’s an example of a straight-forward web-based threaded message board from a Seattle neighborhood… click here.  That’s a different animal.

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  1. Steven Clift says:

    For a number of neighborhood e-mail lists as well see:


    E-Democracy.Org host unconventional neighborhood forums using an open source platform called GroupServer that allows people to fully participate via web or e-mail. We have a number of new “neighbourhood forums” in England and some new one’s opening in my hometown of Minneapolis.

    Front Porch Forum, iNeighbors, and others demonstrate a huge potential for connecting local people together any time, anywhere.

    I’ve volunteered to host a new forum for my area of about 7,000 residents in Minneapolis. You can watch a forum being born in a deliberate manner here:

    Steven Clift

  2. Michael says:

    Good to hear from you Steven. Best wishes with your new forum in Minneapolis! -Michael

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